International Ocean Freight Services in Las Vegas, NV

Global FCL is honored to be one of the best moving and shipping companies all around the globe. We offer leading international ocean freight services in Las Vegas, NV, and its surrounding areas. We identify the value of customer’s gratification and thus ensure it under all circumstances.

How We Work

From loading to delivering, our entire shipping process is impeccable!

Our utmost priority is to ensure on-time delivery regardless of environmental factors. Our logistic experts efficiently plan and manage every ocean freight, ensuring flawlessness. With us, you will unquestionably appreciate quality service and satisfactory outcomes.

Why People Choose Us

Always Available

With Global FCL, waiting is never an option. By ensuring immediate response and on-time arrival, we minimize the chances of interruptions.

Remarkable Managing Skills

Efficiently managing international ocean freight is a demanding task. But with the matchless managing skills of our experts, we will make it effortless.

Professional Staff

We never hire naïve workers to handle international transports as many of our clients are renowned business people. Our professional staff is our pride.

Upfront Pricing

To ease the financial load of our clients, we keep our rates affordable and upfront. At Global FCL, you will never have to pay for any unnecessary additional charges.


Our experts will stay in touch with you. We will keep you informed regarding the advancement and delivery of your cargo.

The chances of damage are minimal as our shipping process is flawless. In rare cases, if damage does occur, we are insured to cover it.

The expense varies from goods to goods and place to place. However, our international ocean freight services are highly cost-efficient.

Yes, the weather condition can cause a delay in arrival. Therefore, our experts always check the weather conditions to prevent avoidable inconvenience.

We have been successfully serving in the moving and shipping industry for many years. There are thousands of gratified clients, including business owners, who have availed our services. Their satisfaction and reliance on us are proof of our selfless dedication to work. If you want to appoint our service, feel free to dial 702-213-7148.

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